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Su Min Tourism Group is Wuyishan prestigious private tourist group, Su Min tourism and reform and opening up, Wuyishan tourism development with 20 years of development history, Su Min tourism fraught with hardships and constantly create brilliant, rely on the party's good policies, with Su Min human integrity unity and fighting spirit, from the beginning only dozens of beds of Su Min shelter, Northern Fujian Province and gradually grow to become the largest private Wuyishan Tourism Group. Su Fujian Province in their ongoing development and growth of tourism, while also Wuyishan Tourism made a positive contribution to the development! Fujian travel agencies currently under Su, Su Min convoys, Su Min real estate companies and big Anyuan eco-tourism companies, Su Min Hotel. Of strong Huanrong warmly welcomes guests to Wuyishan around, the Su Min things! Su Min Hotel in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage in Wuyishan national tourism resort downtown center -- Su Min walk Street East, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation; And scenic areas from across the river, raised considerable Shan King, bow the head upon hydroacoustic.

 Sumin Hotel adress: Eastern Part of Sumin Pedestrian Street (Guojia Lvyou Dujiaqu Sumin Buxingjie Dongduan)(Resort Area)
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